Flight Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions

Calculate the Carbon Dioxide CO2 Emissions for your next flight.

Click 2 Airports for the CO2 Emissions of a flight between them. Double-click Airport to 'lock it'.

The Google maps flight emission calculator shows the approximate CO2 emissions for each person on an aircraft flying between two airports.

Aircraft contribute to climate change by the burning kerosene producing greenhouse gases. The most significant pollutant from planes is carbon dioxide (CO2). The effect of aircraft pollution to climate change and global warming is approximately Two Percent [2]. Aircraft flight carbon dioxide emission per-mile are significantly affected by the length of the flight because a high percentage of fuel use and emissions are expended on take-off.

The CO2 emission calculator is based on emission Factors provided by UK DEFRA [1] for short haul and long haul flights. The calculations used are based on data from the UK. Assumptions the aircarft is fully occumpied,


  1. UK DEFRA (Table 9, Annexes to Guidelines for Company Reporting on Greenhouse Gas Emissions, updated June 2007)
  2. IPCC, Aviation and the Global Atmosphere: A Special Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (1999), Cambridge University Press

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Poster: Chis Smith
That is shocking. I never had any idea the emissions where so big.
Poster: DW
You need to keep in mind these figures are for CO2 emissions only - they do not reflect the global warming effect of the emissions which are higher at altitude. the science of this is complicated but DEFRA, from where the figures are derived, note a multiplier of 2-4 should be used. The usually quoted IPCC multiplier is 2.7. some studies have given a lower figure of 1.9 or 2. Remember also that this is for a full plane, and that personal emissions will be uch higher for first class passengers.
A multiplier of 2.7 therefore seems sensible to gauge real impact.
Poster: Happy Camper
Fascinating: that proves that flying generates much less co2 than driving for most European journeys - goody, I\'m off for another cheap ticket to the sun...
Poster: plane stupid
Obviously "fascinating" doesnt know how to use the calculator.....what a half wit
Poster: frdfsh
brilliant, shall work to rectify my emmissions - but couldn't find rome or athens airports
Poster: IPL123
Could you please add Doncaster Robin Hood Airport! Ta!
Poster: Phil
I have just calculated that if I could drive my car in a straight line between Aberdeen and Malaga, much the same as a flight, I would produce almost exactly (to within a few ounces) double the emissions of a plane... Flying is better for the environment than driving!
Poster: Michael
Any thought about including general aviation airports? And, would it be feasible and appropriate to distinguish between air transport aircraft and personal (and smaller GA) aircraft?

Also, change "occumpied" to "occupied".
Poster: IPL123
Could you please add Athens airport? Ta!
Poster: henderson
Ohh I emit 3400 KG's of CO2 every month. Its too much than I expected.
Poster: Sean Keller
At what point are airlines or airports just going to work the price of carbon offsets into the ticket price? Will people still pay?

Poster: dmg
I would think the CO2 per person from automobiles would be much higher, especially for those single-occupiers of big SUVs.
Poster: N/A
thanks this helped with my carbon dioxide emissions report for my environemnt class!
Poster: OAP
Could you add Tenerife Reine Sofia airport to your list please

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