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Baggage Reclaim

Very often the hold baggage has been delivered to the reclaim carousel by the time most passengers have negotiated Passport and Immigration Control. Illuminated sign boards show by flight number and point of departure the location of the correct carousel. Don't despair if one of your cases is not among the rest, as luggage from a flight frequently comes through in batches and five minutes or more might elapse before all the bags are offloaded. If you are unfortunate enough to have your luggage go astray, go first to the desk of the airline that brought you to the airport because they are responsible for the delivery of your baggage. The same is true if your case has been damaged or tampered with. Help will also be available at the main Information desks, and the Airline Directory section of this book has Customer Service telephone numbers for all the airlines.

If any of your luggage is lost or damaged you must first contact the airline that brought you to the airport. Airlines are responsible for the safe and proper handling of your luggage from the time you check it in to the time it reaches the reclaim area. In the majority of instances of missing baggage, the item arrives on the next flight from your departure point and the airline will arrange for its free and rapid delivery to your onward address. Do make sure you retain the tags that are stuck on your ticket at check-in in case of luggage going astray, and don't give them up without obtaining an alternative receipt.

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